Voice Over Internet Protocol - Next generation telephony

Want a number that belongs to you? With Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones this is exactly what you have. Not only does your number belong to you but you can take it anywhere you go. VOIP telephony does indeed use your internet connection.  However should you lose your connection, business continuity enables your calls to follow you on any other device you have. With packages from as little as £13.49 per month including unlimited 01/02 Bundles you can rest assured your phone bills will  never run away from you.

In this modern and changing work technology moves at a fast pace. Does your technology move at the pace your business does?

With VOIP you can have your own number which belongs to your business and telephones in any location.  Whether you want a no geographic number a regional number for your satellite offices VOIP technology can help you.

VOIP telephony means you own your number. If you want to move offices or have home workers they can simply unplug their phone and plug it in in their other locations can carry on as normal.

Technology that can scales with your business is essential for any business.   Like many of our products and services these can be installed and controlled from the cloud.   By utilising the cloud you can control where calls go who answers them and in the event of internet, or power failure you can set your calls to follow you to your mobile or an alternative number.

Voicemail also follows you but appearing in your mailbox as a simple sound file you can listen to this wherever you need.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • More efficient call handling, with features such as call forwarding, time of day routing  and voicemail included as standard
  • Any size of business can make use of the same features and functionality (e.g. voicemail, music on hold, hunt groups) which were once the exclusive preserve of larger corporates
  • Keep your existing telephone number wherever you go
  • Upsize or downsize your telephone system with minimal investment and no disruption to your business
  • Reduced line rental charges
  • Lower call charges and free site-to-site calls
  • Business Continuity: unexpected events such as snow or floods needn’t disrupt your business as VOIP telephony  allows employees to carry on making and taking calls, no matter where they are physically located.

VOIP & Broadband Packages

Now you can have two services with a single point of contact and a single bill. Not only that, but your services are handled by IT experts that are on hand to resolve any issues as they arise.