Advance Email Filtering in Partnership With The Email Laundry.

Your email inbox is a daily target for spam, viruses, and worse. Are you protected effectively? How sure are you of what you’re opening? 91% of corporate cyber attacks start with a phishing email. Your business needs you to be able to click with confidence.

Cyber criminals are constantly developing new tactics that standard filtering systems, such as that of Office 365, are simply not designed to cope with. The result of a single click could have serious, sometimes devastating, consequences for your business.

Email filtering from Pearce IT in partnership with The Email Laundry can provide your business with a comprehensive, reliable and thorough defence through a real-time protection system, designed to identify and isolate attacks before they reach your inbox. And, as it is a wholly cloud-based service, there is no hardware or software for you to maintain or install. ALL your emails are scanned and assessed for malicious intent, with specific focus on detecting malware attachments, business impersonation attacks, and providing protection against phishing and spear-phishing mails. Emails from any newly registered domains, ‘similar’ domains, and those impersonating known names, can all be detected, filtered, and isolated for your safe inspection.

Email filtering from Pearce IT in partnership with The Email Laundry, offers you peace of mind in respect of all your business emails, giving you the freedom to click with confidence.

Our hosting servers are all EU-based, meaning they comply with the Data Protection Act and EU data protection laws, with robust privacy policies and watertight compliance. They have 99.9 per cent guaranteed ‘up time’.

Mail filtering is available in two different tiers the first is the Email Filtering and the Second also includes Email Encryption.

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