Microsoft Office 365

Complete freedom to access and manage e-mails, files, contacts, calendar and other tools.

If, like many people, you are fed up with a lack of synchronisation between your various devices and with not being able to see everything in one place, your solution is Office 365.

In one, smart move you will gain access to all your important information, from any device and at any time. Using a high-security log-in you’ll have full e-mail functionality, with in-built anti-virus and anti-spam filtering, and you’ll be able to create or amend documents, your diary, bookings calendar and other important information such as menus or photographs.

All this is from any computer or mobile device, (such as a tablet or smart phone), at any time. When you’re on holiday or having a day out, you can allow a stand-in to access business e-mails while still keeping an eye on all communications yourself, if you wish.

You’ll also de-risk your business from the threat of data loss. What’s more, it’s surprisingly inexpensive. It’s one of the best solutions enabled by ‘cloud’ computing.

Familiar and flexible

Every programme works across Microsoft Office, eliminating any period of familiarisation or frustration. Word, Excel, Outlook, Powerpoint, OneNote, Access, Publisher … all your old friends are here!

There are various packages to choose from, from as little as £2.50 per month (compare this with £3,000 upwards for an in-house server). Charities and many educational establishments can benefit from subsidies.

Migration is simple and quick: we can even migrate you and your entire staff overnight or at a weekend.

Pearce IT is a Microsoft Silver Partner.

Office 365 Email and File Backup & Archiving

We provide a specialist backup and archiving service for our Office 365 clients as Microsoft do not offer this with 365 accounts. We can ensure that your data is filly backed up and archived, giving you complete peace of mind.