Online backup is simple to setup, ultra-reliable and inexpensive.

In addition to security, you’ll gain 24/7 access to work on your files through any internet-enabled device such as a smart phone, tablet or PC/laptop. All devices can synchronise each time you change or save anything. If you choose, you can share your files with anyone, at any time, giving them read-only access.

Our hosting servers are all UK-based, meaning they comply with the Data Protection Act and EU data protection laws, with robust privacy policies and watertight compliance. They have 99.9 per cent guaranteed ‘up time’.

Restoring files could be simpler, restoring up to 30 versions of the same file all at a click of the mouse. Local files sorted in our sync option are also encrypted so should your device become compromised no data can be accessed.

Business Grade Online Backup doesn’t need to be expensive with plans from as little as £12 per month.

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