Cyber Security and how to reduce your risk


As you may have seen in the press recently, Cyber Crime has been at the forefront of focus for many businesses.   Not only are the large enterprises being affected by cyber-crime, there are thousands of small and medium businesses being affected just like yours.

With the recent outbreak, you may have seen how whole networks can become infected with an unwanted application.

At Pearce IT, we pride ourselves in keeping abreast of the latest technology and making sure this is correct for your business.  With that in mind, every product or solution we advise on always has Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity at its forefront.   With our partnership with both Microsoft and ESET, we have a zero % infection rate to date of customers being contaminated by these exploits.

So, should the unexpected happen we are always available to make sure we can get your business back up and running with the minimum downtime.

Here are some basic steps you can take to reduce your risk.

  • Make sure your windows updates are enabled – by default we enable this setting on everything we supply.
  • Make sure you are using a brand leading antivirus – by default, we recommend and install ESET Antivirus. They are a many award winning antivirus provider with software which will cover Mac’s, PC’s, and Android Tablets, including cross-contamination of these.  Home use or free antiviruses are available however we have found these do not offer the cover required nor are free versions to be used in a commercial environment.
  • Secure Online Backup – This needs to be UK based for compliance both for GDPR and speed of recovery. –  We offer full UK hosted backup which can be quickly and easily restored.   Backup and cost as little as £5 a month.
  • Be cautious of emails you receive. – Just because you recognise the name of the user doesn’t mean it necessarily from them. If in doubt with websites, hold your mouse over the link to check whether the link name is the same as the address disclosed.   If different, this is usually the case of a fraudulent email.

Want to make sure you have everything covered?

Please give us a call on 01452 222000, to speak to myself or a member of the team where we can talk through your concerns and make sure everything is covered to reduce your risk from attack and data loss as much as possible.

Pearce IT are also a member of the Cyber Club helping businesses like your stay safe online and helping to reduce the likely hood to be at risk from the exploits of others.

For information, direct from the National Cyber Security Centre please visit