Spooky goings on in your IT


Does your IT leave you a little perplexed sometimes? I’m sure I didn’t click that or how did that happen?

We all get these moment when there doesn’t seem to be any logic in why things happen. Whether it’s a pop up window that appears or the PC/Server suddenly goes slow or turns itself off!

These actions can be a sign to us that there are things going on that we are not aware of. Unbeknown to us there could be things at work inside our PC’s.

Top  5 things to watch out for happening in your IT:

  1. Computer suddenly reboots occasionally with a bluescreen with white writing on it. This is a tell-tale sign of a memory issue on your PC.   When the memory has completely failed it will just bleep on startup and not start at all.
  1. Access to your server is slowing and documents are taking a while to open. This can be caused by one of the disks failing in the server.   All good servers have two or more disks in, this ensures that if one fails the second disk will kick in and take the load.  Whilst doing this you will notice a dip in performance.   It is imperative to get the failing disk replaced ASAP before it fails completely.
  1. Access to file slows and some files just won’t open. Similar to the above most PC’s / Laptops only have one disk so when this occurs it is usually a sign of the disk is about to fail. Some PC’s and Laptops warn of a predictive failure but most don’t.   Do seek the advice of an IT professional who can usually ‘hear’ this fault or at least see the errors in the log files.
  1. We here this a lot, “I didn’t click anything” “I never use the internet or I Only access this page”. Virus’s and malware can infect any PC.  It is very important to keep your Antivirus protection up to date.  Virus’s not only can arrive by email and the internet but can spread on your local network too.
  1. Laptop keeps turning itself off with no warning. Batteries on laptop are very good when you 1st get them. Over time these batteries fail and the runtime on these becomes a lot less. A great tip is to charge your battery and then let it run down.   Overcharging or not letting you battery run down can cause all sort of issues.  The charge doesn’t hold as well and the lifespan is reduced.

Here at Pearce IT we can help with all of these things. Whether its PC or Laptop diagnostics, replacing those failed disks or providing the brand leading Antivirus to keep those bugs away from your PCs’.  Pearce IT are an Authorised Partner of ESET Antivirus. This really is the best protection for your technology ensuring the files are safe and secure and with an advanced firewall protection which keeps you safe when you’re working away or connected to Wi-Fi connections.

One big piece of advice we give all of our customers is Make sure it’s backed up.  An online backup is essential to any IT maintenance.  Make sure your data is backed up safe and secure online.   An onsite backup to an external drive is pointless if you always keep the drive with the device.   As a final word on external drives.   These are designed for backup purposes not for storing data on.   If you copy data to your external drive it is at the same risk of just storing it on your laptop/PC.  External Drives due to their portability have a much shorter shelf life than internal drives and should only ever be used as a secondary backup of data not to hold it exclusively.