Are you ready to be ‘open for business’ this Christmas?


Are you ready to be ‘open for business’ this Christmas?

As business owners ourselves we understand the challenges of balancing family and business life over the Christmas holiday period.

It is NOW the time to think about the plans you can implement to prioritise spending time with the family but making sure you don’t miss those important calls from existing and potential customers whilst you’re away from the office.

Let me ask you a couple of questions…
Do you have an answerphone for your business that you leave on over the Christmas and New Year break?   Do you resist giving your customers your mobile number in fear that once they have your number they will contact you directly for everything and impose on your precious family time?

Now let us give you a solution
What if there was a system that allowed you to keep your existing number and have your business answerphone service wherever you are enabling you to pick up those calls and as when it fits in with your family this Christmas? The solution is VOIP

So what is VOIP I hear you ask?  VOIP is Voice Over Internet Protocol, which basically means that your number is assigned to a phone and you can take this phone wherever you go. You just plug the phone into an internet connection and off you go.  If you choose to leave the answerphone message on voice messages will automatically be delivered directly to your e-mail address so you can listen to them whenever is convenient and wherever you are.

So how about something even more clever?

Just imagine it is 5pm and your business is closing for the day. Now imagine that you can go home, relax for the evening and have your calls answered, redirected and emailed directly into your Inbox.  This is exactly what VOIP will do for you. VOIP will automatically route your calls to a different number or have an auto attendant answer. The Auto attendant will provide your customer with the option to ‘Press 1 for Out of Hours’ and will then transfer the caller onto an external mobile or number of your choice.

And is not as expensive as you are thinking…

A VOIP Phone system can cost as little as £15 per month with unlimited land line calls included.

For more details give us a call on 01452 222 000 and let us help you keep in contact with your customers this Christmas time and into the new year.