Is your business walking an IT tightrope without a support safety net?

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If you’ve built it up piece by piece over many years, or are using old IT equipment without vital software updates and reliable backups, there’s a good chance that you are!

But have you thought about how you’d cope if disaster struck - of whatever kind - and your systems suddenly couldn’t be used?

If the thought strikes you with dread, you need managed IT support.  And when you choose Pearce IT of Gloucester, you can get it without paying over the odds.

Business owner Liam Pearce set up his business after working with a number of leading companies across many sectors including insurance, finance, port authorities and IT security companies.

“I found that I really enjoyed the nitty-gritty of pinpointing the source of a problem and using the expertise and products available to me to come up with a permanent solution to them” Liam says.

 “For example, I recently took a call from a business whose system was originally installed by someone who had since sadly died - and there was no one else in the business who’d assumed the responsibility for managing the technology they used, and relied on”.

That’s a typical scenario - all the experience of installing systems and keeping them up-to-date is in the hands of just one person, and especially in the light of the obligations placed on them by GDPR to keep track of their data, at some stage, most businesses are going to have to ask themselves “how do we start to properly manage our IT?”.

The easy and cost-effective answer is with a managed service package from Pearce IT.

Why use a manged IT service?

 There are several compelling reasons:

 - You get comprehensive help, with 24-hour support access, from a team of knowledgeable, helpful experts.

 - You can think of a managed IT service package as being an insurance policy which you can call on to keep the systems at the heart of your business running.

 - Most problems can be solved without a site visit, which means that Pearce IT can protect your business, no matter where in the UK you’re based, or your work takes you to.

 - You and your business get IT solutions which have been fully tested and proven.

 - And with Pearce IT, you’re dealing with a business which understands what it means to rely totally on your computer - you won’t be just another ‘support ticket’.

Pearce IT is a Microsoft Silver Partner, and an accredited member of the Government-backed Cyber Essentials scheme.  This is a key part of the government’s IT security strategy, involving bringing together a network of businesses and individuals with the expertise to ensure that their clients’ systems are properly protected from hacking and other forms of attack.

We’re also undergoing constant refresher training to keep abreast of the latest IT security issues and threats,” added Liam.

 “The main benefit of this is that you get a solution for your IT requirement or problem which will last, because we stake our reputation on being able to get, and keep, our systems running smoothly – it’s in our own interest to get it right, first time,” concluded Liam.