Reasons to Keep Your IT Up To Date – plus a few “How To” Tips!


As Bill Gates said “Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other” … and he should know!

There is no argument that whatever the size of business and whatever sector it is in, it will rely on some aspect of information technology. From computers, telephones and messaging services to networks and servers, from point-of-sale tills and security systems to websites, emails and social media, all businesses will rely on some of these if not all.

Technology is essential to every business as part of its infrastructure and many are becoming even more reliant upon it with the growing influence and importance of social media and online merchandising.

It is therefore very important for businesses to recognise the need to keep their IT up to date. Of course, a business has its own specialisation and focus and cannot necessarily be an expert in all-things-technological too. It’s not possible to know everything, but it is possible to stay up to date in your own particular niche and that’s where PearceIT comes in!

As an IT company with authority and knowledge across a broad spectrum, PearceIT is able to provide expert advice on a number of technological areas – from IT strategy and solutions to integrated internet and email systems to disaster recovery and business continuity and IT support (on-site and remotely).

PearceIT recommends that you consider the following reasons for keeping abreast of technological advances and recognise that it is an on-going job which will, ultimately, prove its initial worth and investment:

• Technology empowers companies to grow faster, produce better products and serve customers more effectively.
• IT connects a workforce and its customer
• IT analyses data and allows products to be manufactured precisely.
• Faster and newer IT contributes to giving a business a competitive edge.

PearceIT recommends that every business:

1. Develops an IT Strategy that defines the role that technology performs within the organisation. An IT budget should be allocated as once the strategic role that IT plays within an organisation is defined then the search for solutions is easier to identify and manage.

2. Centralises its IT hardware and software capability as much as possible so that all departments (eg sales, accounts and logistics) are ‘singing from the same song-sheet’. This will improve communications and customer service across the board. PearceIT is able to advise on technologies that benefit the entire company, not simply ones that assist in day-to-day opportunities.

3. Limits some IT expenditure by using their own tech-savvy employees! For example, when a new mobile device is released there are likely to be a number of employees willing to test the device and to give honest feedback.
The same can be said for new versions of existing software and computer hardware. This approach may appear to be ad hoc but will usually provide a good sense of the functionality and perils of new IT technologies – and will also engender a feeling of involvement and loyalty from the employee too. Alternatively, PearceIT will already have road-tested new technologies so can provide impartial advice as a matter-of-course!

4. Considers testing a new IT product within a singular department for a period of time before ‘rolling it out’ across the whole organisation. PearceIT can oversee this process, highlighting and analysing any problems or issues and enabling a smoother transition that will be easier to manage in the long-term.

5. Recognises the importance of keeping all their IT functions secure – which includes up-to-date anti-virus programming. However diligent an organisation thinks it is, invariably employees will install other applications (sometimes unwittingly!) and these can be linked to media players, games, web-browsers and can ‘infect’ the hardware. Sometimes ‘bugs’ or viruses can be inherent within ‘normal’ software and it is necessary for the application creators to release new versions – which need to be downloaded and installed to rectify any anomalies. PearceIT can assist as keeping your applications up-to-date is just as important as updating your operating system.

6. Gets its money’s worth! PearceIT is confident that by providing expert IT advice, in a timely and efficient manner, with approachable and friendly staff, all its customers can be sure of making the most of the IT investments made.

If you have any questions about how PearceIT can help you to ensure your IT is up to date then just give Liam and the team a call on 01452 222000.