Is your business a Hare or Tortoise?

photo of a tortoise to represent slow IT adoption.jpg

We all know the children’s story that teaches us that being steady and slow can often win the race. But, in IT, that can leave you falling behind the competition and ultimately costing your business more.

Why? Well, technology moves at a consistently fast pace and if you react to changes rather than adopt a proactive approach, you often end up spending more in the long run and see your productivity drop. In time, systems end up running slower and this can be down to a mix of factors, such as software upgrades demanding more system memory to run, increased demands due to business growth or clogged systems chugging along, rather than humming.

Having a proactive IT strategy means that your business can be ahead of the curve and by using proven new technologies, you can improve efficiency and also streamline your day to day activities. By adopting the right strategy you can save money, as you’ll work smarter and faster, which means more profit for your business. A simple shift in technology can make a drastic impact on your team and across your business.

Imagine a business that is well established with an IT system that’s been left as is for many years. To them, things are smooth and steady, but things are seeming to take longer to do. They have a traditional landline and old licences to Microsoft Office. Their server is also unchanged and their backup system is vulnerable to failure and unwanted access. Each team member finds it hard to access files when they travel to a different office or onsite with clients. This business has traditional desktops and laptops that were purchased some time ago and hasn’t invested in mobile devices for a more flexible working approach. They don’t have a planned budget for IT spending and their IT issues are usually looked at by the boss, or a staff member with a basic level of understanding and issues take time to troubleshoot and fix, costing time and money.

A new competitor is doing extremely well as they have invested in the latest IT. They work efficiently and proactively and have a carefully planned strategy for upgrades and adoption. They have a VOIP telephone system that enables them to access calls on the go with an intelligent management system and the also have Office 365 in place, making their communications seamless on any device and at any location. This company has a very secure backup system in place and encrypts all of its drives for complete control and peace of mind. Their computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones quickly access their files and data and their staff are highly productive. Their IT strategy means that they have a fixed spending plan for what they need. They also outsource their IT to a virtual team, making any issues a breeze as these are fixed quickly and often remotely, leaving the team to carry on with their day to day tasks. Their IT company provides them with consultancy to ensure they are making the right decisions and planning for growth.

Can you see how the Tortoise, in this case, is naturally going to perform fare less than the Hare?

Which one is your business? If you’re a tortoise, perhaps some running shoes are in order!

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