VOIP and Broadband Packages for a Streamlined Business


Pearce IT can now provide VOIP and Broadband packages which means you have a single point of contact, so there is no more need to deal with two suppliers.

Do you have a VOIP telephone system in place for your business? VOIP is a portable system that enables you and your staff to make calls over the internet, rather than through a traditional landline. This not only makes day to day calls cheaper, but you can have intelligent voicemail with a wealth of options to give your business an adaptable telephone system that can grow with your business.

One of the great features of VOIP is that voicemail is recorded and sent as a sound file to your email, or to multiple email accounts, to playback when you and your staff are available or if they are working away from the office.

VOIP can also be controlled in the cloud, which means you can control where calls go, who answers them and in the event of internet, or power failure, you can set your calls to follow you to your mobile or an alternative number.

You also own your number that moves with you, should you need to work onsite, at home, or if you need to relocate to new premises. You simply unplug the kit and plug it in at the new location for a completely flexible service.

Our broadband services are secure and reliable and we offer a wide variety of internet options from 4g mobile dongles, ADSL, FTTC Broadband Connectivity all the way to the latest lease line connectivity providing all the speeds and reliability your business needs. 

Our clients benefit from a UK helpdesk for all of their support needs and with a business grade connection, the service will not slow down during peak times.

Many businesses will have multiple suppliers for their telecoms, IT and broadband services, but wouldn’t it be better to have a single point of contact? With Pearce IT, you get a single number to call if you need assistance, or if there is an issue with your service. You will also receive a single bill which is always a bonus for accounting.

So, if you’d like to take the hassle out of organising and dealing with multiple services for your telephone system and broadband, we would love to help. 

Not only that, but we can also be your one-stop IT solution too, giving your business a virtual IT department to ensure that your business is kept up and running, is safe and secure and proactively adopts proven new technologies to help streamline your business.

To find out more about Pearce IT call us on 01452 222000, email hello@pearceit.co.uk or visit www.pearceit.co.uk.